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More Sounds For Your Korg Prologue
GEOsynths releases Epilogue Vol 2 set of 100 patches

27-Oct-20    full story...

More Moog One Sounds
GEOSynths releases Singularity Vol 2 - a new Bank of 128 patches

29-Jul-20    full story...

Patches For Your DeepMind 12
GEOSynths releases a 3rd bank of patches for the Behringer synth

05-Feb-20    full story...

Patches For u-he's DIVA
Geosynth's ORION Vol 1 is their first official Bank for a software synth

17-Dec-19    full story...

New Sounds For Your Moog ONE
Geosynths releases Singularity Vol 1 bank of 128 patches

12-Jun-19    full story...

New Patches For The Korg KingKorg
GEOSynths creates 100 sounds and demos them all on video

15-Mar-18    full story...

Custom Patches For The DSI Prophet REV2
GEOsynths releases a set of 128 patches - see them all demoed on video

19-Jul-17    full story...

Prophet REV 2 In Action
GEOsynths puts a dozen custom patches together on the Dave Smith Instruments synth

22-Jun-17    full story...

More OB6 Patches
GEOSynths releases Evolution Vol 2 with 100 patches for the DSI OB6

05-May-17    full story...

128 Patches For DeepMind 12
GeoSynths releases Deeper Vol.1 sound set

30-Jan-17    full story...

100 Patches For The OB6 Demo'd On Video
GEOSynths Evolution Vol 1 features pads, strings, bass, arpeggios and FX

13-Sep-16    full story...

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