Live Electronic Music - March 1st - Come Along

US Or watch the stream - up to you      19/02/24

Live Electronic Music - March 1st - Come Along

Hey folks, we're putting together another Live Electronic Music Extravaganza - this is the fourth event we've put on. This time we're having 8 live acts, with one headline - we've asked the excellent Ken Peel to close the night with a longer set. We're also delighted to have Martin Christie- the founder of the EMOM movement playing a set and taking on some MC duties.

As ever, you can come along in person - its held in Bath at the Bath City Football Ground - Charlie's Bar, from 7ish to 11ish on Friday March 1st.

Tickets are available for in person attendance - you can grab them here: (or scan the QR code)

Sonic EMOM4 TicketsThe acts playing (not in running order) are:
Martin Christie
Caroline McLavy
Andy and Grace
Gun Boiler
Super Frog Saves Tokyo
Ken Peel

Ace Live Visuals from Sloon_ and MIDIerror

Why not come along and enjoy a night of varied musical performances?

The event will also be live streamed - we'll be playing user submitted tracks in the intervals and in the room  if you want to submit your own, the link is here:

Here's the last event:



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