NAMM 2024: Zoom - Updated Multistomp Pedals

US The multi FX pedals get a facelift and an upgrade      27/01/24

We got to catch up again with Samuel from Zoom at NAMM 2024 to find out about the latest updates to their renowned multi-stomp pedal series. The new MS50G+ is the first in the lineup, catering specifically to guitar effects enthusiasts. With 100 built-in effects and the ability to use up to six simultaneously, the pedal is a versatile solution for musicians looking to maximize their pedal board space.

Samuel also introduces the MS200D+, a distortion pedal designed to fill the crunch gap in the series, featuring 200 distortion options, including 36 classic tones and 164 Zoom designs. This pedal allows users to combine effects, experiment with series or parallel configurations, and quickly switch between two effects using the alternate mode. While the MS50G+ is already available, the MS200D+ is set to release in the coming months, promising an expanded range of algorithms and effects.

MS-50G Plus Price: 129.99 USD

MS 200D Plus Price: 139.99 USD


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