NAMM 2024: Zoom - H1 H4 H6 Essential

US Zoom introduce 32 bit float recording that is impossible to clip      27/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State caught up with Samuel from Zoom to discuss the latest advancements in their handheld audio recorders. Zoom has announced replacements for their best-selling H1, H4, and H6 models, bringing substantial upgrades, with the most notable being the integration of 32-bit float recording technology. Samuel explains that this innovative feature eliminates the need to set gain, ensuring an equal quality recording across the entire dynamic spectrum. The H1 Essential, starting at $99.99, boasts stereo XY mics, a lav input, and functions as a USB microphone for various platforms. The H4 Essential, priced at $199.99, features two XY mics, two XLR TRS inputs, and a color screen, offering quiet controls and Bluetooth wireless control through the BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter. Lastly, the H6 Essential, priced at $299, delivers six channels with four XLR TRS combo inputs and an upgraded capsule to support 32-bit float. It introduces silent controls, a mixer button, and USB-C connectivity. The H6 Essential is equipped to handle streaming setups, allowing simultaneous recording to the SD card and streaming over USB. It also has a voice guidance system that reads out the menus for visually impaired creators.

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