NAMM 2024: Mackie - The New Gear

US Tons of new stuff from Mackie      27/01/24

We met up with Brad at the Mackie booth to check out their latest offerings at NAMM 2024. The spotlight is on the ProFX V3 Plus series, an enhanced version of Mackie's best-selling analog mixer series. The Plus series introduces bi-directional Bluetooth channels with mix-minus capabilities, making it an ideal choice for live streamers and podcasters. The onboard GigFX Plus processor, delivers 12 preset effects, and USB-C connectivity ensures seamless integration straight into your DAW. The V3 Plus comes in 6, 10 and 12 channel flavours.

Next we saw Mainstream a designed for Twitch streamers. This powerful device consolidates audio, video, and stream controls into a single unit, and can handle 4k video. Next up was DLZ Creator, a compact yet feature-rich 8-channel battery-operated mixer with mix agent technology and user-friendly interface, catering to both beginners and professionals. Finally Mobile Mix offers on-the-go pro sound with multiple channel options for live streaming events.

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