NAMM 2024: Sennheiser - Dear-Reality

US Spatial control of 3D sound environments      26/01/24

At NAMM 2023, we spoke to Kai from Sennheiser about DearReality, a studio-space emulation environment, and more. DearReality not only manages the direct signal but also incorporates early reflections and late reverb, enhancing the immersive experience. Kai introducesd us to the dearVR PRO2, a spatializer for multi-channel, ambisonic and binaural audio formats.

Next in line was the DVR Spaceship Connect VR Controller, a visually striking device designed to control audio workstations in a spatially intuitive manner. Kai and the representative discussed its role as a sophisticated spatial panning controller, making it easier to visualize and automate three-dimensional movements within an audio workstation. This controller, part of the DearReality ecosystem, provides a unique way to handle complex automation tasks effortlessly.


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