NAMM 2024: Austrian Audio - Composer

US Hi-end headphones for audiophiles and mix engineers alike      26/01/24

Austrian Audio has made its first steps into the high-end headphone market with the release of their new headphone model, the Composer. The Composer features a 49mm driver with a ring magnet system, providing a clear and open sound. The membrane of the headphone has a diamond-like carbon covering, making it lightweight yet sturdy. One notable feature of the Composer is the adjustable earcup angle, allowing for customized comfort. Additionally, the Composer comes with three different cables, including a 4-pin XLR, regular jack plug with adapter, and a cable for the TRRRS connector used by many hi-res players.

Accompanying the Composer is the Full Score One headphone amplifier. This all-analog amplifier boasts a linear power supply and a rise time of over 200 volts per microsecond. With the "True Transient Technology" feature, listeners can choose between a full transient transmission or a slightly smoothed out version for a more enjoyable listening experience. The Composer and Fullscore One are intended to cater to both hi-fi enthusiasts and recording engineers, providing an affordable alternative for critical listening and allowing for mixing on headphones when proper room treatment is not possible.

Composer Price: 2,249 GBP. 2,600 USD

Full Score One Price: 1,299 GBP. 1,500 USD


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