NAMM 2024: Teenage Engineering - K.O. II - OB4

US On the go sampling and a loud little speaker      25/01/24

In an exclusive interview at NAMM 2024, Will from Teenage Engineering provided an in-depth look at the company's latest offerings, notably highlighting the KO2 sampler, complete with their own arcade cabinets. The KO2 is positioned as the second generation of the popular PO-33 KO sampler, boasting significant expansions in functionality. The sampler features larger, Cherry MX switch-based pads, offering a satisfying and responsive feel. Designed on a Lego grid, the KO2 allows users to customize their units with additional Legos, extending to the sides and providing mounting holes for creating stands or interfaces.

The KO2 is geared towards on-the-go recording, equipped with a microphone and line-in capabilities for versatile sound capturing. With a robust build, the KO2 emphasizes sturdiness while maintaining a slim and lightweight profile with and provides step sequencing, delay, reverb, distortion, chorus, filter, and compressor effects  and scene arrangement capabilities. Will also spoke of future developments within the EP series, hinting at more devices to come within the same platform.

The interview also touched upon Teenage Engineering's OB4 speaker, a portable powerhouse with impressive sound output of up to 100 dB at one metre, and a range of colors available, including the Stormtrooper-like black and white vesion we saw.

KO.II Price: 249 UKP. 299 USD

OB4 Price: Around 600 USD


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