Five Minutes With Boss RV-200 Reverb

US New ambient algorithmic reverberator      14/12/23

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The Boss RV-200 is Boss's latest algorithmic reverb pedal - indeed it can be battery powered (3 AA) though not sure quite how long that would last, given that the unit features 32-bit Float DSP and 32-bit AD/DA 96kHz and Stereo in and Out.

With 12 algorithms mostly offering what one would class as atmospheric or ambient processing, it excels at just that.

It this Five Minutes With  - Paulee Bow takes it through its paces with some interesting source material.
With MIDI in (on TRS mini-jacks), you can tweak and control parameters from a MIDI controller or software. It also has a USB Micro (Noooo!) port.

127 user memories give you a reasonable number of places to store your setups.

The RV-200 is available now priced at around £259/$249


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