NAMM 2024: Boss - 50th Birthday Products

US Happy birthday to Boss      27/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we met with Austin at the Boss booth to delve into the celebration of Boss's remarkable 50-year journey with a look at their latest product SDE-3000D, a recreation of the SDE3000 rack delay associated with legends like Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. There's also an SDE3000 EVH Pedal which runs all the original hardware presets. As we were in the delay section of the booth, we had a look at the DM-101 a faithful recreation of the DM-1, but with new modes and added functionalities, and finally we saw the RE-202 Space Echo, a recreation of the original RE-201.

We then moved to guitar synthesis, checking out the vintage GR-500 and introducing the brand-new Boss GM-800, suitable for bass or guitar, with a quarter inch connection, offering diverse sounds, from Junos and Jupiters to electric pianos and violins. Finally we had a good look at the 50-year anniversary walls, featuring limited-edition classics including Waza Craft, X Series and a collaboration with Sola Sounds to create the classic ToneBender pedals.

Boss Social

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