OMG - WIN An OSMOSE From Expressive E and More

US Its competition time..      13/12/23


This one's a biggie, we're pleased to announce that Expressive E, who make the ground breaking OSMOSE , an expressive instrument with the Eagan Matrix powering its sound source, have provided an OSMOSE for us to give away to the lucky winner of this competition - its the biggest prize we've ever had and also a chance to get your hands on this unique and extremely playable and inspiring instrument.

Additionally, One Runner up wins Expressive E Software bundle with Noisy + Imagine.

Enter here:

Osmose has had a complex history, its production being disrupted by the COVID period. But after the first production run, people were all over it and so it sold out pretty sharpish. 

Gaz and Christopher's in depth look:

The next batch will be hitting the stores in January 2024 - this competition runs until January 20th 2024. When one lucky winner will be getting their hands on their very own OSMOSE

Enter here:


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