Cherry Audio Releases Pro Soloist Synthesizer

US ARP classic from 1972 emulated      21/11/23

You saw the teaser video last week and now Cherry Audio has released the Pro Soloist, the latest in its growing line of authentic emulations of classic synthesizers. They say that, featuring the precision-crafted and circuit-modeled DSP designs of esteemed developer Mark Barton, Pro Soloist goes far beyond reproducing the expressive controls, 30 presets, and the unique architecture of this 1972 classic. Most significantly, Cherry Audio breaks Pro Soloist out of its cage by making it fully programmable and expanding it with full polyphony, splits and layers, an arpeggiator, a mod matrix, integrated studio-quality effects, and more. Here's more details direct from the company...

Early analog synthesizers were a mystery to most working musicians. In 1972, ARP Instruments released the Pro Soloist, one of the first commercially successful preset-based synthesizers. Pro Soloist featured a revolutionary electronic design and feature set, most notably its innovative "touch sensor" keyboard (now commonly known as aftertouch), where pressing a note harder introduces changes to the sound, allowing highly expressive playing. The Pro Soloist was a hit with acts as varied as Tangerine Dream, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, Styx, Prince, Parliament, and Vangelis. Perhaps best remembered was Tony Banks, who amplified the Pro Soloist's legendary presets in epic keyboard solos for the legendary band Genesis.
Cherry Audio has received countless requests to reproduce this oft-forgotten gem -- one of those came from frequent collaborator Mark Barton (GX-80, Novachord + Solovox, Miniverse, and others). With unparalleled attention to detail, Mark has created an authentic reproduction of the analog signal path along with the 30 original presets, and together we have substantially expanded the Pro Soloist's capabilities. Cherry Audio has added a dual-layer voicing architecture, with 16 polyphonic voices per layer, that enables two different presets simultaneously, with independent panning for rich stereo timbres and complex sounds. Pro Soloist also includes a split keyboard mode and a brilliant "Last Note" option that effectively simulates polyphonic aftertouch using monophonic-aftertouch controllers.
Pro Soloist's distinctive three-panel interface makes clear that this is far more than a preset synth. Cherry Audio has precisely recreated the look and sounds of the original paddle presets in its main Performance mode panel. In Edit mode, we've exposed all of its unique analog synthesis architecture parameters, most notably, the fully-variable, five parallel bandpass filter "Resonator Bank," key to the Pro Soloist's realistic acoustic orchestra timbres. Additionally, we've revealed the LFO and ADSR/AR envelopes and elevated the sound design possibilities with a "Super Wave" oscillator and a robust six-slot modulation matrix. The Arp/FX panel rounds it out with a syncable arpeggiator and a dozen studio-quality effects for distortion, phaser, flanger/chorus, echo, and reverb.
In short, Cherry Audio has elevated the Pro Soloist from a bare-bones monophonic lead synth into a massive, polyphonic powerhouse beyond anything imagined 50 years ago.
Pro Soloist also features 450 presets created by an extraordinarily talented team of sound design veterans, including James Terris, INHALT, Drew Schlesinger, Huston Singletary, and Mark Barton. More captivating sounds are available in the Vintage Vibes Preset Pack (sold separately) by James Dyson. With additional touches such as Cherry Audio's acclaimed MIDI mapping functions, highly optimized DSP for optimal performance, and a visually immersive interface, Pro Soloist will satisfy both vintage synth aficionados and today's music producers.
A mint condition and serviced Pro Soloist can easily fetch $2,500 or more these days, and its unique architecture makes MIDI retrofits impossible. Cherry Audio is thrilled to introduce this virtual and expanded Pro Soloist at the jaw-dropping price of only $49 (list $69), obtainable now from and authorized resellers worldwide. Pro Soloist is also available as part of Cherry Audio's new and comprehensive Synth Stack 4 collection. This ultimate sonic package includes all 22 of Cherry Audio's virtual instruments to date at an unbelievably affordable price, on sale for a limited time.
Pro Soloist is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats for Windows (7 or above, including Windows 11) and macOS (10.13 and above), including native support for Apple Silicon. A free 30-day demo is available. Visit for additional product details, system requirements, videos, and an extensive collection of awe-inspiring sound demos.

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