Universal Audio Makes LUNA DAW Free

US Now free to all Mac users - No UA hardware required      10/11/23

Universal Audio Makes LUNA DAW Free

Universal Audio Inc. (UA), has announced that its LUNA Digital Audio Workstation is available as a free download to all Mac users, no UA hardware required.*

They describe LUNA as a next-generation DAW that makes it easy to record, edit, and mix your music. They say that, introduced in mid-2020, and bolstered by regular feature updates, LUNA is the only recording software with the sound of classic studio equipment like analog console summing and tape machine emulations, built right in.

Connor Sexton, Product Manager at Universal Audio, told us, "Today we are thrilled to make LUNA, our award-winning DAW, free to all Mac users. No UA hardware and no purchase required. With LUNA and the LUNA Pro Bundle your music will have album-quality sound from the start."

Key Features:

  • Record and playback as many tracks as your machine can handle with unlimited track count.
  • Mix like a pro with Analog Summing, Tape Machines, Channel Strips, Bus and Parallel Compression built into the LUNA mixer with LUNA Extensions, no extra plug-ins or separate windows required
  • Create with record-ready sounds from Shape, a comprehensive toolkit instrument with every sound needed to finish a track or start an idea
  • Quantize audio more efficiently with LUNA's proprietary Razor Blade and Polyphonic warp algorithms
  • Recall key moments, song variations, and creative ideas with intuitive and powerful full preview Import Session Data
  • Avoid modes and menu diving with LUNA's smart tool and session browser
  • Get powerful tactile control with industry leading control surfaces including Softube Console 1, SSL 360, and MCU
  • Easily use your favorite Audio Units plug-ins and instruments


LUNA Digital Audio Workstation is joined by the LUNA Pro Bundle, a for-sale ($399) collection of UAD Plug-ins and LUNA Extensions co-created with the biggest brands in pro audio, including API, Ampex, Studer, Pultec, and more.

Upon download, Mac users can try the essential LUNA Extensions and UAD Plug-ins add-on bundle free for 30 days.


  • Ampex ATR-102 Master Tape Machine & LUNA Extension
  • API 2500 Bus Compressor & LUNA Extension
  • API Preamp
  • API Summing LUNA Extension
  • API Vision Channel Strip & LUNA Extension
  • Century Tube Channel Strip
  • Galaxy Tape Echo
  • Oxide Tape Recorder
  • PolyMAX Synth
  • Pultec Passive EQ Collection
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • Studer A800 Tape Recorder & LUNA Extension
  • Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection

*LUNA and LUNA Extensions run on MacOS 10.15 Catalina or newer.

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