BandLab Offer Distribution To Amazon, Apple, Spotify And More

US Artists get 100% of royalties      10/11/23

BandLab Offer Distribution To Amazon, Apple, Spotify And More

BandLab today announced their plans for digital distribution via their platform, which already covers creation, collaboration, music hosting, sound packs, a DAW - (they own Cakewalk) and many other features.

The new Subscription service means tracks you upload to BandLab can be distributed to many other platforms, and there's no Royalty split - the artist gets 100% of any revenues. 

They list Tidal, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and TikTok as available services.
Its certainly likely to increase the overall volume of available music one they get up to speed, as BandLab have 60 million registered users!

If you are already using the BandLab platform to create music, then integration should be pretty straight forward, all you have to do is decide what to unleash on the unsuspecting world, and pay the monthly fee of $14.95 per month.

In addition, BandLab Members receive access to Profile Boost, Unlimited Opportunities, and Fan Reach.

The service is built on a partnership with FUGA who specialize in Royalty collection and administration and distribution services.

BandLab CEO Meng Kuok said: 

We're also excited to reinforce our long-term relationship with FUGA beyond our existing setup that has already helped us empower billions of streaming plays for our ReverbNation artists around the world. As we seek to further build world-class artist services and opportunities across our group, we're proud and confident of FUGA's ability to continue to power our global distribution services as we start to launch it into the hands of our incredible BandLab community.

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