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BandLab Launches BandLab Licensing
Monetize your music while maintaining complete artistic autonomy

22-Jan-24    full story...

BandLab Offer Distribution To Amazon, Apple, Spotify And More
Artists get 100% of royalties

10-Nov-23    full story...

AI-Powered Tool Aims To Fix Writer's Block
BandLab launches SongStarter

08-Mar-22    full story...

Music Tech Startup Competition
BandLab Presents Swimming with Narwhals at the Music Tectonics Conference

03-Aug-21    full story...

BandLab 10 DAW - Still Free With New Sampler and Mastering
Major rebuilds and features

22-Jul-21    full story...

BandLab 10.0 Launches
Adds new sampler and mastering tools

16-Jul-21    full story...

Battle Of The Music Creation Apps
BandLab matches GarageBand in new mobile downloads

21-Apr-21    full story...

BandLab Launch Sounds - A Free Service For Use In Any DAW
10k plus sounds available now

17-Nov-20    full story...

BandLab's Albums Platform Gives 100% To Artists
No fees either

03-Jul-20    full story...

More BandLab Link Recording interfaces
Full family of four BandLab Link recording interfaces is now available

23-May-19    full story...

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