New KAOSS Replay Device Announced

US Sampling, live FX and performance      09/11/23

Korg's KAOSS devices were a totally new genre of product when Korg first released the original KAOSS pad in 1999, used by countless performers and vocalists to real-time effect aspects of their performance - who remembers Matt Belamy of Muse and his built into a guitar?

Today Korg announce an new KAOSS family member the KAOSS Replay - which looks a little like  the result of a night of passion with KAOSS Pad and an MPC ONE. 

Korg KAOSS Replay connections

Indeed sampling and triggering are a big part of what Replay offers, with 16 trigger pads, and a large touchscreen/pad for the classic one finger FX manipulation. With 128 Sample slots (16 pads in 8 Banks), 100 project storage on microSD Card (max 32GB). 

Add to that the 128 KAOSS FX and you have a lot of audio manipulation, which also includes live audio input processing with the recording of Pad motion and playback.

The layout and inputs and outputs (RCA phono) are geared more towards inclusion in a DJ style setup.

The KAOSS Replay when it arrives in the stores (January 2024) will be priced at around £949


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