New Sounds For UA's Opal Synth

US SoundsDivine releases Cinematic Orchestra and Digitalis, each with 130 presets      27/10/23

SoundsDivine has released a couple of new soundsets for Universal Audio's Opal synth. Here's the details that the comapny has supplied...

'Cinematic Orchestra' contains 130 presets for Universal Audio's Opal synthesizer and focuses on emulating acoustic instruments. It features string ensembles, pizzicato sounds, steel drums, vibraphones , singing bowls, bells, flutes, chimes, bowed string sounds and acoustic basses..

'Digitalis' also contains 130 presets , but focuses more on hi-fidelity digital sounds. It features immersive digital soundscapes, comb filter pads , shimmering synth sounds, evolving FM pads, bells, euphonic swells, digital FM plucks and complex resonator pads.

Pricing and Availability:

Each set is priced @ €29 (ex.vat)

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