New Sequential Prophet 5 Rev.4 Sounds

US SoundsDivine's The Prophecies features 320 patches      06/04/23

SoundsDivine has released some new sounds for the Sequential Prophet 5 / 10 Rev.4. They say that The Prophecies features 320 patches for the Sequential Prophet 5 / 10 Rev.4 and that it's split into 8 mini sets of 40 sounds each : Bass / Brass / Motion / Pluck / Resonate / Wonky Tapes Vol. 1 / 2 / 3

A spokesperson told us, "The Prophecies' features a huge array of sounds for the Prophet including detuned PWM pads, resonant plucks, dusty tremolo sounds, brass stabs, fluttering pads, epic unison synth sounds, string pads, plucky brass lead patches dreamy synth sounds, electric pianos, clavinets and much more."

Pricing and Availability:

Intro price until 21st April: €99 ex.vat (regular price: €149 ex.vat)

More information:


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