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US LANDR Mastering Plugin is designed for creative and precise mastering in your DAW workflow      18/10/23

LANDR has launched its new AI mastering plugin which they say has groundbreaking technology supported by a 10-year data set and millions of satisfied artists, including Lady Gaga, NAS and Gwen Stefani. They say that users will benefit from increased speed and efficiency for creative and precise mastering in their digital audio workstation (DAW) workflow. Here's more details direct from the company...

Artists can trust LANDR's AI technology to deliver three uniquely conceived professional masters for each song finalized through the LANDR Mastering Plugin. Finished masters can be released as-is, or revised using advanced controls that empower even the most experienced producers to personalize their mastered song.

A sleek, user-friendly interface simplifies the mastering process. LANDR Mastering Plugin integrates seamlessly with any major DAW, reducing complexity with a simple and intuitive workflow that gives everyone the power to create pro-level mastered versions of their tracks, without any need to learn how to use the product beforehand.

"It's the human touch that makes LANDR Mastering so unique. Over the past 10 years, our Grammy Award-winning audio engineers have spent thousands of hours personally training our AI mastering engine," said Daniel Rowland, Award-winning Producer and Head of Strategy and Partnerships at LANDR.  "Now, you can use LANDR Mastering as a plugin in your DAW--integrated as part of your workflow with additional controls to help customize your sound. This is a game-changer for anyone mastering their own music," added Rowland.

Here's what users can expect from LANDR Mastering Plugin:

  • A patented AI engine refined by over ten years of research, development, and innovation
  • Proven mastering technology trusted by more than 5M artists, mastering over 25M songs in the past decade
  • Exceptional audio quality optimized for any listening environment
  • Personalized mastering that adapts to the unique characteristics of the track
  • Rapid AI analysis for fast, efficient, and unlimited masters
  • Real-time processing for on-the-fly adjustments to masters
  • Ability to revise each AI-powered master through intuitive controls including
  • Loudness, Presence, and De-Esser
  • Spectral display for visualizing frequency changes
  • EQ controls to fine-tune the track's tone
  • Dynamics control for compression and saturation
  • Stereo width control for tailored spatial distribution


LANDR Mastering Plugin delivers consistent, pro-level mastering for playback in any environment. User's tracks will deliver punch and presence on devices as diverse as iPhone speakers, headphones, PAs, or studio-quality monitors.

Pricing and Availability:
LANDR Mastering Plugin is available now for $299

More information:



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