Akai APC64 - New Live Control And Standalone Sequencer

US With MIDI and CV, 64 pads and more      10/10/23

Akai APC64 - New Live Control And Standalone Sequencer

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The Akai APC range has been a MIDI control workhorse for some years now, whether you choose to integrate it with Abeton's Live or use as a generic MIDI controller it has had a lot of use cases.

The brand new APC64, switches things up with a deeply integrated 64 RGB pad type surface, that Push users will feel right at home with. But with the APC64, you also get 8 assignable Touch Strips, with multiple modes of usage - you can control, the mixer, FX sends Devices and generic MIDI CCs, as well as the 64 RGB, pressure and velocity sensitive pads for clip launching or sequencing.

The other big news is that APC64 also has a standalone mode with 8 sequencers, up to 32 steps each that can send note data over MIDI via the two minijack outputs (there's also a MIDI input) and 8 assignable CV or Gate 1/8th inch jack outs to control your external synths, or modular.

Power is supplied over USB-C, with a dedicated power switch, and there's a small but useful AMOLED display and rotary encoder for parameter access, although you can access most via the pads themselves in setup mode.

There are also dedicated Project memories for storing setups and sequences - these can be chained for more song type structures.

The on board sequencer can be used as a standalone device, or integrated into the Live setup with patterns that can be sent back to Live and auto create clips.

We had a visit from Tom Robinson (@duncan_thomas_music) to give us the low down in this first look at the unit.

APC64 will be available worldwide at a price of £339

More information: https://www.akaipro.com/


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