Akai's MPC 37 Looks Like Just the Thing

US If you want a compact sampling workstation      06/02/24

The MPC has been one of those hugely successful hardware formats over the last few years, Akai, have been pretty consistent with hardware releases offering different configurations.

Its been a while since they released the full size MPC 61 Keys - a 61 Key MPC engined workstation, that we saw in studio at release. It seemed to create a different relationship with the sounds creation and libraries, making a more playable, workstation like instrument.

So now we have a 37 Key MPC  - this aside from being the perfect dimensions to fill a Youtube posterframe (probably not a thing though right?) has a certain rightness to it. 

For many producers, that form factor is a sweet spot. Ok, not for all but there must be 100s or even thousands of 37 key MIDI controller variants and someone's been buying them.

This product was leaked a couple weeks back and still isn't live on the main Akaipro.com website at time of posting..

The MPC Keys 37 features the same basic feature set as the 61 but with an SD card on tha back, plus of course, it will have the newly announced MPC Stems, demixing and deconstruction function that was recently announced.

Its also gonna be $899. No sign of any Mooginess though..



  • Standalone MPC - No Computer Required
  • 37 Full-Size Synth Action Keys w/ Aftertouch
  • 16 Velocity-Sensitive RGB Pads with Poly Aftertouch
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB of On-Board Storage (22GB User Storage)
  • 7-inch High-resolution Multi-Touch Display
  • MIDI In and MIDI Out; 4 TRS CV/Gate Jacks, 8 Outputs Total
  • SD Card Slot for Removable Storage
  • MPC2 Desktop Software with MPC Stems (coming soon) for Mac/PC (included)
  • Voucher for one (1) premium plugin redemption with new purchase

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