Bristronica 2023: Archaea - Hover Motion Control

US Both MIDI and Analogue with looper      01/10/23

We spoke to Aaron from Archaea Modular Synthesis at Machina Bristronica 2023, where they showcased their innovative range of D-beam style controllers with unique features. One of their standout products is a MIDI D-beam controller that offers precise control over sequences. With a display showing the output, users can manipulate waveforms, essentially using it like a fader.

What sets it apart is its momentary feature, allowing users to easily stop and start again by simply taking their hand off and returning. Additionally, it offers modes such as zeroing, sampling, and hold, the latter enabling sample and hold capabilities. Their analog version includes a looper, providing a hard sync effect and the ability to use it as an LFO. This versatile controller seamlessly interfaces with their Loki analog synth voice, a compact module that delivers warm and crunchy analog sounds. Archaea Systems is just starting out with these exciting products, which are not in production yet but are approaching that stage.

For those looking to streamline their patching experience, Archaea Modular Synthesis is also developing a module called Exchange. This digital mux allows users to route audio signals efficiently, making it handy for live performances or managing common patch setups without the need for extensive re-patching. While exact pricing depends on production volumes,

Loki is expected to be priced around a few hundred pounds, with Hover and Exchange aiming for a similar range when they hit the market. Keep an eye out for these intriguing products, and you'll likely find them available at Elevator Sound, a local distributor in Bristol.


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