Cherry Audio Introduces Harmonia Synth

US Part additive, part sample playback, and part vector synth      30/08/23

Following on from the recent teaser video, Cherry Audio has introduced Harmonia, which they describe as an original next-generation virtual instrument that seamlessly blends the nostalgia of vector and wave sequencing synthesizers from the 80s and 90s with sophisticated synthesis techniques and an inventive, intuitive interface.

A spokesperson told us, "Boasting the same team behind the critically acclaimed Dreamsynth and award-winning Sines synthesizers, Harmonia produces lush, evolving polyphonic sounds that will captivate budding musicians and seasoned professionals alike."

Here's more details direct from Cherry Audio...

Harnessing additive synthesis methods, each of Harmonia's two powerful sample-based oscillators simultaneously delivers up to eight pitches tuned to harmonic series or semitone pitches. The volume for each pitch harmonic can be fixed or dynamic, and Harmonia's unique interpolated harmonic scanning enables dramatic sweeps and melodious sequences through a single modulatable slider.
With hundreds of meticulously sampled waveforms sourced from various synthesizers, traditional instruments, and voices, as well as an array of quirky "lo-fi" sounds, Harmonia offers a broad tonal palette not easily matched by most virtual instruments. Moreover, users can import their own samples effortlessly, and unique morphed and sequencer-like tones are easily created by simply varying combinations of waveform selection and harmonic presets.
Harmonia's all-inclusive production experience goes one step further with flexible tone sculpting features including four syncable polyphonic LFOs, an expansive stereo multimode filter, and visual click-and-drag filter and amp envelopes. A massive eight-slot mod matrix with dozens of sources and destinations gives producers unparalleled flexibility and creativity to create unique and visionary music.
"Cherry Audio has been great at recreating classic vintage synths, but with Harmonia, they show that they're equally adept at creating new methods of synthesis," says Joe McGinty, the composer, keyboardist, and arranger widely known for his work with the Psychedelic Furs, The Ramones, and others. "Harmonia is unlike any other synth that I've played. Part additive, part sample playback, and part vector synth. You can even get into wavetable sounds. Many exciting presets are included, but I look forward to importing and manipulating my own samples."
Harmonia includes all of Cherry Audio's exceptional touches, such as support for aftertouch, flexible MIDI mapping, and a collection of over 350 breathtaking, professionally designed presets. Harmonia also has 17 studio-quality effects with various integrated distortion, modulation, echo, and reverb effects - all fully modulatable through the mod matrix. Collectively, Harmonia's features make it the complete package, giving today's music producers an otherworldly portal to access new sonic dimensions.
Also available from Cherry Audio is the Euphonic Sonics for Harmonia Preset Pack (sold separately), featuring 100 fabulous presets further showcasing Harmonia's outstanding atmospheric tones, compelling sequences, dreamy pads, basses, poly synths, keys, leads, and more.

Harmonia is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats for macOS (10.13 and above) and Windows (7 or above, including Windows 11). It includes native support for Apple's M1 processor, including Apple M1 Ultra. A free 30-day demo is available.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at  $49 (list $69)

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