Make Noise Debut new 208HP Bus Eurorack Case

US With CV BUS centre section, PSU and master outputs      09/08/23

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Make Noise are debuting their new 208HP 7U 4 Zone CV Bus Case today at 12pm  CET 5pm UK. The new updated case  is powder coated with a closable lid when fully patched.

The new 4 Zone Power Bus Board Power offers 4 distinct zones each with isolated +/-12VDC supplies and dedicated ground return. +5VDC is shared around all 4 zones.

Makenoise 7u CV Bus Case

The case also comes with a  pre-installed 1U CV which has a couple of additional Make Noise 1U utilities:

Voltage Math - with 2 inputs and attenu-verter with a normalized DC offset.

Also the Stereo Line Driver - with L+R mini jack inputs, master volume control and a stereo line output pair and a TRS headphone output. This headphone out is designed to drive a long cable to a PA or headphones, and has a built-in limiting circuit.

Total HP: 208 @ 3U, 104 @ 1U
Power: +12VDC @ 4A, -12VDC @ 2.4A and +5VDC @ 1A

We're seeing the CV Bus Case listed at  $949 at Perfect Circuit  (affiliate link) where it is available to pre-order

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