Make Noise Announce Stereo XPO Prismatic Oscillator

US Stereo PWM, whats not to like?      19/07/22

Make Noise have introduced a new "stereo prismatic oscillator" designed to work with their QPAS stereo filter, it provides up to eleven (11?!?) discrete waveform outputs (five mono, and three stereo pairs) and offers wavefolding and PWM (thank goodness!). The concept was inspired by the stereo voice panning of the Oberheim OB-8 which has stereo voice panning.

The XPO uses stereo PWM - imagine that to create even wider oscillator width.  There's a great video from Perfect Circuit where Tony Rolando talks about the evolution of the idea.

Make Noise are aiming to release in September with preorders starting at the end of July the price TBC but they did say in the region of what QPAS retails for - £359ish.

XPO features

  • - Stereo Analog VCO with eleven simultaneous outputs (five mono outs and three
  • stereo pairs)
  • - Modulate Timbre via Stereo Pulse-Width Modulation, Stereo Vari-Timbre, and Stereo
  • Wavefolding
  • - Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Spike, and SUB mono outs
  • - Unique Mono versions of all Stereo Waveforms via Left output normalizations
  • - Modulate Left and Right channels together or separately thanks to normalization and
  • attenuverters
  • - Center parameter adds additional timbre control to both sides of Vari-Timbre and
  • Wavefolded outputs
  • - Linear FM Bus features voltage-control over FM depth and a normalization of SUB to
  • FM input for easy GROWL
  • - Hard SYNC circuit
  • - Two 1v/oct inputs for transposition, melody stacking, or richest FM
  • - Expo FM input with attenuverter
  • - Designed to pair well with QPAS, Mimeophon, and X-PAN
  • - 18hp
  • - +12V 140mA
  • - 12V 132mA


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