Lets Get Physical With Expressive E Imagine Update

US Free sounds, native M1/M2 support      25/07/23

A big update for Expressive E's Imagine Physical Modeling and Granular Hybrid synth - its easy to forget that they also make some pretty cool software what with Osmose hogging all the limelight.

But the latest update for their acoustics-infused synthesizer brings not only native Apple Silicon support - which makes light work of the computational heavy lifting required for this kind of modeling, but also adds a free set of 40 patches in addition to the existing presets, but also adds a couple of 80 preset expansion packs Dusk (film scoring focussed) and Nightdream (Trap and EDM)

These are both available at 40% discount ($/€17.99 each). Imagine is also currently discounted to €83.40 from €138

More information: https://www.expressivee.com/63-imagine

For a taste of the Dusk soundset:


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