Gearfest UK 2023: Cranborne Audio Carnaby Harmonic EQ

US It's EQ Jim, but not as we know it      19/07/23

We spoke to Edward Holmes from Cranborne Audio at Gear Fest 2023 - Edward is the designer behind the recently released Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ.
Unlike traditional equalizers, the Carnaby EQ focuses on reinforcing or subtracting harmonics from the fundamental frequencies rather than boosting or cutting volume. This approach allows sound designers to create a diverse palette of rich and natural sounds by dialing in the amount and character of saturation within different frequency bands. Edward explained that the development of this unique EQ involved an iterative process, starting with investigations into the subtle effects of saturation and evolving through various experiments and refinements. The result is a versatile tool that offers familiar controls while delivering unfamiliar yet musically coherent enhancements to the soundstage.

The Carnaby Harmonic EQ is available now - more information can be found on the Cranborne Audio website.

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