NAMM 2024: Cranborne Audio - Carnaby HE2

US The multi-purpose harmonic EQ for under two grand      27/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we met Edward Holmes to find out about Cranborne Audio's groundbreaking Harmonic EQ in its new full 19-inch rack version, the Carnaby HE2. The Edward tells us the unit incorporates of the acclaimed Harmonic EQ Carnaby 500 circuit, offering dual mono, stereo, or mid-side modes with built-in encoding. The HE2 boasts bypassable inserts, additional filters, and integrates seamlessly with USB and network project control, providing real-time adjustments through the dedicated plugin and software. We liked the HE2's rotary encoders with LED rings for intuitive control, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through modes and settings. Carnaby HE2 is set to ship in early Q2.

Carnaby HE2 Price: 1,799 USD


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