Bass Synth For MacOS & Windows

US ToneBoosters releases TB Lowtone      27/06/23

Bass Synth For MacOS & Windows

ToneBoosters describes TB Lowtone as an innovative bass synthesizer plug-in featuring three voltage-controlled oscillators with a large variety of waveform algorithms, continuous pulse-width modulation (PWM), Frequency Modulation (FM) and oscillator hard sync, complemented by a voltage-controlled noise synthesizer, parameter modulation a re-designed non-linear voltage controlled filter. Here's more details direct from the company...

TB Lowtone is the world's first bass synthesizer featuring loudness-domain harmonic synthesis, creating deeper, more consistent and production-ready bass sounds compared to conventional synthesizers operating in the (linear) amplitude domain.

TB Lowtone also features a smart randomizer that generates new patches with a single click, and which learns from the patches you have already created to generate new, personalized patches!

Key features

  • Loudness domain synthesis for more impactful bass
  • Three VCOs plus VCN to create complex bass layers
  • Re-designed VCF including triple and quadruple resonance
  • Gate, LFOs, Envelopes to create motion and movement
  • Loads of presets plus personalized randomizer for more
  • PWM, FM and hard sync for all waveform algorithms

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