Dynamic EQ Uses AI To Assist Mixing

Toneboosters Equalizer 4 makes EQ suggestions dependent on audio content      27/02/18

Dynamic EQ Uses AI To Assist Mixing

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Toneboosters describes Equalizer 4 as an ll-purpose dyamic equalizer with AI assist functionality. Here’s the details in their own words…

Dynamic equalizer with surgical precision
Up to sixteen analog-modelled, high-accuracy, state-space filter sections each supporting a wide variety of filter types for creative and surgical equalization. Each filter section supports a unique 'auto makeup' function to automatically compensate for loudness differences inevitably introduced by cutting or boosting certain frequencies.

Each filter section can be independently configured to apply (dynamic) downward compression, upward compression, or combinations thereof for equalization beyond what any conventional equalizer can do. Dial in automatic, program-dependent attack and release behavior to get results quickly and efficiently, or adjust them manually for creative effects.

Bring in the external side chain
Spectral side-chain compression - the next frontier in side-chain spectral dynamics! TB Equalizer 4 can drive equalizer gains from an external side chain for creative effects and problem solving that cannot be achieved by conventional side-chain compressors or equalizers.

We'll provide you with a second pair of ears
TB Equalizer 4 uses machine learning and artifical intelligence (AI) techniques to listen along and provide you with content-type-dependent equalization suggestions on the fly. This second pair of ears never suffers from any fatigue and can continously inform you about the spectral balance of the input content at hand.

A configurable spectrum analyzer complements the AI engine to inspect the output of TB Equalizer 4 in more conventional ways. The spectrum analyzer can run in a linear analysis mode or can run in 1/9th, 1/6th and 1/3th octave mode depending on the amount of spectral detail that is desired.


  • Analog-modelled filters
  • Fully customizable sound
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer
  • Surgical dynamics processing
  • AI assist function
  • External side chain (VST3, AU)
  • Easy to use, scalable interface
  • VST, VST3, and AU format
  • 32-384 kHz sample rate
  • 16-channel support (VST3, AU)


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