Toneboosters VoicePitcher 4

US Desktop and iOS vocal doubling, pitch shifting, and freezing effect      25/04/22

Toneboosters VoicePitcher 4

Toneboosters have just released VoicePitcher 4; a vocal processor with a dual pitch shifter, LFO-driven delay, freeze,  formant controls and more. It has a range of features for instant pitch processing and vocal doubling for as wide or narrow a stereo field as you need. It's available for $19 offering a perpetual license for Windows and macOS for use up to 4 computers. Here's the details: 

ToneBoosters VoicePitcher 4 is a dual voice pitch shifter with creative freeze effect. Help vocals stand out by adding one or more virtual tracks, with LFO-driven dynamic pitch shift and delay for a more natural doubling effect than a chorus or conventional doublers. The unique freeze option can freeze vowels instantly for creative effects. The snapshot selector allows you to quickly change and recall settings for dynamic switching, real-time performance effects and easy automation.


More info on their product page:


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