F9 Venus Processing Racks

US Ableton devices for polished production      20/06/23

F9 Audio are back with Venus Racks -  a collection of over 30 processing Racks for adding weight, character, and impact to your tracks. Each rack has been crafted to bring out and elevate the sounds processed, with an immense attention to detail - adding a wealth of Macro controls built off the back of a career in top end pop music. Here's what they have to say:

Produce Faster, Harder, Stronger - Unleash the true power of Ableton with F9 Venus processing and instruments racks for Live V11.2 onwards ( Standard or Suite )

Inside F9 Venus racks you will not only find our legendary multi-layered creative processes but dynamically triggered EQs, Lo-fi Wow and Flutter effect, sidechaining racks, trance gates and much more.

F9 Venus for Ableton contains 

  • 31 Main Processing Racks
  • 18 Bonus and Utility Racks
  • 21st Century Bass II Rack
  • MiniM Mono and Poly Instrument racks
  • 6 One Knob Processing racks 

These instrument racks contain the fully multi-sampled waveforms of the world's most famous 3 oscillator analogue synth. All were captured through an Analog Designs RED-DI via an Apogee Symphony at 96Khz.

5 Reasons to Use F9 Venus Racks:

1 - Streamlined Workflow With the F9 Venus racks, the tedious process of manually configuring intricate chains of effects or instruments is a thing of the past. These racks readily load onto any audio or instrument track, offering you immediate access to expertly crafted sound processing chains. These rival some of the best plugins in the market, but at just a fraction of the price.

2 - Sonic Capabilities We have meticulously explored every facet of Ableton Standard and Suite, extensively utilising multi-band and parallel processing, the new LFO, Shaper, and envelope-triggering modulation generators. and rounded up the very best and most effective controls with the new 16 Macro controls. The result is a collection of processes specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of cutting-edge production. Each rack's built-in collection of variations (presets) illustrates the vast array of sounds and processes at your disposal. We're confident these racks are peerless in the market.

3 - Learning Experience We urge all users to delve into these racks' architecture, absorbing the strategies and techniques implemented therein. Ableton's integration of parallel and multi-layered racking, along with the 16 macros and variation slots, is unparalleled in any other DAW. Discover how to construct your own intricate processes leveraging the raw power of Ableton's racking and macro-mapping functionality.

4 - Time Saving The F9 Venus processing and instrument racks are a true time-saver. Instead of tediously searching for the perfect sound or effect, simply load a rack, choose a variation as your starting point, and adjust it to your taste. Save and name the variation and continue. All this occurs within the familiar Ableton environment and GUI, keeping you in your creative flow without needing to navigate another GUI or plugin interface. This allows for more time spent on creativity and less time switching to the technical part of your brain.

5 - Future-Proofing Over the years, Ableton has made considerable efforts to ensure backward compatibility of their native plugins. You can confidently use these racks, knowing that even years later, you can open a project using them in future Ableton versions without any need for updates of playback issues.

 Here they are being used on a Tech house track: 

Get Venus Racks here: https://www.f9-audio.com/products/f9-venus-racks-ableton-live


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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