Buchla In The UK

US Source Distribution appointed UK & ROI distributors for Buchla USA      20/06/23

Buchla In The UK

Source Distribution tells us that they have been appointed the new UK and ROI Distributor for Buchla USA, handling distribution for their Easel tier products, including the iconic Easel Command, Music Easel, LEM218 and the range of Buchla accessories. The company believes that Buchla are one of the most important names in the history of the synthesizer and electronic music: Since originally starting back in the 1960's, Buchla have been one of the most highly regarded synthesizer developers and pioneers in the electronic instrument scene. Don Buchla's designs have long been praised for their unique user interfaces, uncompromising quality and most importantly their unique sound.

Tom Lewis, Brand Manager for Source said; "We are incredibly pleased that Buchla will be joining our collection of esteemed synthesizer brands, Buchla is an incredible heritage company and made of up a great team of people who are always developing new and thought provoking instruments, I am very happy to be working with them and look forward to developing Buchla in the UK marketplace"

Eric Fox, CEO of Buchla USA added; "The opportunity to work with a distributor that displays expert product knowledge, highly detailed understanding of the industry and the synthesizer community is very hard to come by. Source is just a natural fit for us. Tom Lewis has been a long-term friend of the Buchla company and we're absolutely delighted to be working with him again"

Darren Power, Sales & Marketing Director for Source Distribution said; "We are really looking forward to working with Eric, the Buchla team and our UK dealers; representing such a legendary brand in the UK is an honour!"

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