Multi-Band Toneshaping Channel Strip

US Aberrant DSP introduces Tectonic      17/05/23

Aberrant DSP describes Tectonic as a multi-band toneshaping channel strip. A spokesperson told us, "Combining equalization, imaging, and dynamics processing, Tectonic is a complete sonic toolkit for anything from subtle sweetening to total tonal transformation."

Here's what you get, in the company's own words:

-4 bands of upward / downward compression
-Boosting a band applies upward + downward compression
-Cutting a band applies only downward compression
-Selectable transition frequency between each set of adjacent bands
-Per band Mute, Solo, and processing Bypass
-Mid / Side panner per band, allowing independent stereo narrowing and widening of each frequency range
-Master mix, input gain, and output gain
-Six style selections to adjust the feel and intensity of the dynamics processing
-Custom preset system with 65 factory presets illustrating Tectonic's wide range of toneshaping abilities

Pricing and Availability:

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