Superbooth 2023: Weston Precision Audio H1 Analog Harmonizer

US In a Eurorack module      15/05/23

We spoke to Devin from Weston Precision Audio at Superbooth 2023. He  showed us his new module called the H1 Analog Harmonizer. It features two digitally controlled analog oscillators with a pitch tracking input, generating instant analog chord stabs. The module also has dual quantizers and analog through zero FM, making it a great addition to any modular rig. It's in the final stages of development, with user-updatable firmware and a target price of $395 US.

Devin also mentioned an additional Chord Mode where users can save and address 12 chords with CV inputs. The goal of this module was to simplify the process of achieving basic polyphony in a modular rig without having to tune multiple VCOs. Overall, the H1 Analog Harmonizer is a unique and affordable module that will be a great addition to any modular synth setup.

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