NAMM 2023: Nektar - Panorama CS12

US New generation of Panorama      15/04/23

Nektar Panorama CS12

The Panorama CS12 is an extension of the legacy Panorama technology from Nektar. The deep mapping capabilities of the Panorama tech can now be rolled out across all supported DAWs. With high customisation and the ability to create lightning-fast workflows, it has several unique features that make it a great addition to any DAW. You no-longer require a plugin host or a wrapper to leverage the features of the Panorama CS12. Complete with USB C power, a custom assignable footswitch, and an assignable high resolution automated fader, the CS12 is a tool for those who want the best of both hardware and software worlds.


Available for Logic in August and then a staggered release of other supported DAWs for $399.


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