Superbooth 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic

US 8 voice wavetable and sample playback module      12/05/23

We spoke to Jason from Knobula at Superbooth 2023, who showed us their new 8-voice polyphonic wavetable and sample playback synthesizer Pianophonic. Based on the concept of a piano with three strings and a hammer, the synthesizer offers piano-esque and other extended piano sounds. The piano sound is wavetable-based with 16 different slots and multi-sampled wavetables across the keyboard, from high sounds to low sounds, and 256 waves in each wavetable that you can morphed through. Pianophonic also features three oscillators, where two can be assigned to a different sound, and chord memory. It has MIDI, CV, and gate control options, making it versatile and suitable for various applications. 

Pianophonic will be available in September. Price: around £350, €400, $440

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