Superbooth 2023: PWM - Mantis

US New hybrid synth designed in collaboration with Chris Huggett      11/05/23

Paul from PWM gave a us preview of Mantis, which is the last synth designed by Chris Huggett before he passed away. The Mantis is described as a Wasp Mark II with an Oscar- inspired dual filter, and two analog signal paths that make it duophonic. The oscillators are numerically calculated on power-up using then move into the analog domain, where everything is digitally controlled.

The Mantis mixer allows users to balance between oscillator one and two, add noise, and ring mod. It has a deep, but simple to use modulation section, two envelopes with a unique sustain fall feature and 100 factory patches and 100 user patches. The instrument also includes a few digital effects at the end of the signal path that help sweeten the sounds and make it more of an all-around performance instrument.

While the instrument is still in development, PWM showcased the circuit boards that are provide a preview of the final sound of the Mantis. 

PWM Mantis Available: Late Summer 2023

Price 1,599 Euro. 1,349 GBP

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