LNDSXPO 2024: PWM Mantis Now Quad Voice

US Imagine our surprise      17/03/24

Paul from PWM provided an update on the progress of their Mantis synthesizer at The London Synth and Pedal Expo. The Mantis is now at version 1 firmware and will be mass-produced this month, with shipping expected to begin next month.

The synthesizer will feature 100 presets, including contributions from Torsten from Tangerine Dream, Paul Hartnell from Blush Response, and Daniel Fisher of Sweetwater. Paul mentioned that the Mantis will likely be available in shops in May, with a showcase planned for Superbooth.

Paul highlighted the unique features of the Mantis, including the ability to add positive and negative harmonics when shaping sounds, a wavetable with 7 segments for added sonic capabilities, and dual filters that can create a range of effects in quad mode. He also explained that the synthesizer can now produce four full notes in quad mode, giving the impression of 12 oscillators working together. More information 



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