Superbooth 2023: Oberheim - OBX8 Desktop

US Masses of Oberheim goodness in a smaller space      11/05/23

Chris Calcutt introduced us to the new OBX8 Desktop synthesizer. Last year, Oberheim introduced the rather massive OBX8 synthesizer, and this year they present the desktop version which is in a more portable format while retaining all of its bigger sibling's features, and spacious-feeling front panel.

The OBX8 Desktop includes all the same components as the keyboard version, minus the keys and paddles. Instead, your controller's modulation and pitch wheels will act in the same way as the paddles on the full keyboard. While the OBX8 Desktop is smaller and more portable than its predecessor, it contains the same creamy filter and sound quality. The OBX8 Desktop synthesizer is an excellent option for those who find the full-scale keyboard version too large and unwieldy.

Shipping: June 2023

Price: 3,999 Euros

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