Sonic Preview: Hello Oberheim OB-X8

US Its here, questions?      16/09/22

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The Oberheim OB-X8 is in the building. Arrived in a monolithic black Gator flight case, ready for action. We'll be reviewing this in due course, so we thought we'd post a quick look and encourage you to leave any questions you might have for us to answer in the full review, or in the exclusive Patreon extra video we will also be posting.

The OB-X8 is a lovely story, the whole Tom Oberheim getting his name back and the project really coming together under the drive from former Oberheim employee Marcus Ryle (he invented ADAT, founded Line 6 too).

And now here it is, the 8 voice analog polysynth from yesteryear, together with some new features, but very true to the original.

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