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  SUPERBOOTH 2024: Oberheim - TEO-5 Synthesizer
That Oberheim sound in a more portable package

15-May-24    full story...

Superbooth 2023: Oberheim - OBX8 Desktop
Masses of Oberheim goodness in a smaller space

11-May-23    full story...

Oberheim's First Synth
The 1974 Synthesizer Expander Module

06-Jan-23    full story...

Sonic LAB: Oberheim OB-X8 Analogue Poly Review
The legacy returns

30-Sep-22    full story...

Sonic Preview: Hello Oberheim OB-X8
Its here, questions?

16-Sep-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: OB-X8 Sounds Only
Jim has a noodle

08-Jun-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: A Chat WithTom Oberheim
Industry legend

07-Jun-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: OB-X8 Sounds With J3PO
More from the new OB

03-Jun-22    full story...

Superbooth 22: Oberheim OB-X8
Oberheim flagship synth for the 21st Century

12-May-22    full story...

Oberheim Is Back With The OB-X8
Their first new synth in 35 years combines key features of the OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8

10-May-22    full story...

Oberheim - Welcome Back
Something is brewing

12-Apr-22    full story...

Behringer Lose Right To Use Oberheim Name In US Ruling
Its complicated..

05-Mar-21    full story...

Oberheim Revives The Two Voice Synth
TVS Pro Special Edition is coming later this year

04-Mar-21    full story...

A Rare Treat For Oberheim Fans
Vintage Oberheim Oberview magazines available to read online

01-Aug-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Tom Oberheim and the New SEM-X
PLus two classic FX for Eurorack

20-Jan-17    full story...

  NAMM 2016: Tom Oberheim Mini Sequencer & SEM Plus Eurorack
Nick talks to Tom Oberheim

21-Jan-16    full story...

  NAMM 2015: Oberheim SEM for Eurorack
And a phaser too - more coming we hear

26-Jan-15    full story...

Tom Oberheim Talks Two Voice
Synth demonstrated by the man himself

08-May-14    full story...

Inside The Oberheim DMX
Voice cards and ROM chips - mmmmm

10-Oct-10    full story...

New SEMS Module From Tom Oberheim
Low Key announcement, synth community excited

04-Jun-09    full story...

New Oberhiem SEM Rumour?
Tom himself is remaking it

06-Oct-08    full story...

Oberheim announced spec of OB-12

20-Feb-00    full story...

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