Superbooth 2023: 4ms - Looping Delay - Sampler

US Two new modudes that are also available in kit form      11/05/23

We met with Dan from 4MS who introduced us to two new low-cost modules, Looping Delay and Sampler. Sampler is a sample playback and recording device with a simple interface. Users can change the pitch, length, and start position of samples, making it possible to create granular-type patches. The device can play backwards and record from stereo input to stereo output. The device includes an SD card with a few hundred samples, and users can create up to ten sample banks. The device also has a CV for bank trigger sample, end out reverse, and pitch knob.

Looping Delay which would pair well with Sampler can create echo, delay, and reverb effects with up to 900ms of delay time. Looping Delay can be used with an expression pedal for real-time control of feedback and delay time. The device also includes a bypass footswitch and a CV for delay time. The looping delay and sampler can be used together to create unique soundscapes and effects. The Looping Delay and Sampler are the first two modules in 4MS' new low-cost module line and are designed to be easy to build. 

Looping Delay Price: 275 USD. Kit Price: 175 USD

Sampler Price: 299 USD. Kit Price: 199 USD

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