NAMM 2023: 4ms - Sampler - Looping Delay

US New modules from 4ms also available as kits      15/04/23

4MS showcases four new modules at NAMM 2023 and Dan gave us an overview of two of the new modules - the Sampler and the Looping Delay. Both modules can be purchased as DIY kits or fully assembled units. The Sampler allows users to play wave files from an SD card with simple controls for pitch, length, start position, and recording. It can also play super long samples up to several days long.

The Looping Delay sets the delay time by clock and has super low jitter clock so you can feed it out to other devices. Users can change the timing to all divisions or multiples of the clock and can make loops up to a minute and a half long at 48 kilohertz 24 bit. The Looping Delay also has a CV input and a feedback knob that can go up to 100%.

Available: Late June 2023

Sampler Price: 299 USD - Kit Price: 199 USD

Looping Delay Price: 275 USD - Kit Price: 175 USD


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