UDO Release Super Gemini - 20 Voices, Bi-Timbral Flagship Synth

US With Binaural oscillators too      09/05/23

Just in time for Berlin's Superbooth (Yes we will be heading straight for their booth!) UDO Audio has launched a new synthesizer, the Super Gemini, which is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid instrument. The binaural aspect means it can run in 20 voice mono mode (non binaural oscillators) or 10 voice binaural mode - which if you've heard the Super 6, sounds pretty good.

The Super Gemini comes with a dual-layer design that offers control over both timbral layers. It has a powerful  FPGA based hybrid sound engine and a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch. The Super Gemini features custom-engineered ribbon sensors for individual note articulation, and a gestural way to explore your sound.

UDO Super Gemini

The Super Gemini has 256 performance and patch slots, 64 interchangeable waveforms, and 16 sequences that can be safely stored and edited. The synthesizer is equipped with dual synth-control levels that gift the player with immediate and comprehensive control over multiple timbral layers. It also features a true-stereo signal path that empowers you to create extremely dynamic spatial sounds.

The Super Gemini is built from aluminum and steel and comes with an array of superior quality mechanical controls - as we know designer George Hearn is a stickler for components look and feel,

We don't have any specific pricing or availability yet, but we'll quiz them on this at Superbooth as soon as we can get to talk to them


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