Superbooth 2023: UDO Super Gemini First Look

US George gives us a tour      11/05/23

We spoke to George Hearn from UDO Audio at Superbooth 2023 where they announced their latest synthesizer, the Super Gemini. The Super Gemini is an analog hybrid poly synth with a high-quality polyphonic aftertouch keyboard and independent controls for the layers. This allows for a more immersive playing experience where users can arpeggiate one layer and have the other layer doing chords. The Super Gemini also has multi-timbrality, a slide controller for pitch expression, and a ring modulator. It adds wave morphing and has a more expressive control section. It has a slightly different analog signal path, a more upfront, slightly saturated character, and it's louder, a bit more forward and a bit more saturated.

The Super Gemini builds upon the concept and architecture of the Super Sixes with more expressivity and interaction with sound. It is essentially two Super Sixes with added features and a different analog feel to it. The instrument is a continuation and a growth of UDO Audio's product line, celebrating the family with new colorways. George demonstrated the Super Gemini and it did not disappoint, producing beautiful sounds.

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