NAMM 2023: Modbap - Meridian Filter Array

US a versatile and high-quality filter module      15/04/23

Corry Banks from Modbap has unveiled their latest product, the Meridian. This 14HP filter module comes equipped with a dual multi-mode filter array, allowing users to adjust the filter and mode on either side of the stereo input. The module boasts four filter options: ladder, OTA, comb, formant with color-coded buttons allowing users to switch between them effortlessly. The Meridian also features a macro that controls the two separate cutoff types, allowing for individual control and simultaneous adjustments. In addition, the module has a drive circuit, a phase shifter, and ping capabilities, which can be adjusted with CV, LFOs, and envelopes.

The Meridian's white knobs are all modulatable, and users can choose between serial or parallel filter routing, as well as adjust the mix to create a stereo or dual mono filter effect, offering a wide range of possibilities for sound experimentation. 

The Meridian is on sale for pre-order from Modbap for $449 and will start shipping next month.

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