Three New Bogren Digital Amp Sim Plug-Ins

US Ampknob BDH: three incarnations of an era-defining high-gain tube guitar amplifier      07/03/23

Bogren Digital has released the three new Ampknob BDH guitar amp simulation plugins, plus the Ampknob BDH Bundle. They say that these plugins provide crushing high-gain guitar tones based on three versions of a classic high-gain amp that defined the sound of metal from the early 1990s and onwards. They tell us that they are are sound-designed by renowned metal producer Jens Bogren and set up for maximum ease of use. Here's more details in their own words...

Crushing Metal Guitar Tones -- Fast and Easy
The Ampknob BDH plugins from Bogren Digital give its users access to three incarnations of an era-defining high-gain tube guitar amplifier. Users can work fast and get the album-ready guitar sound they're after without endless tweaking or second-guessing. The Ampknob BDH plugins have been expertly sound-designed by renowned metal producer Jens Bogren and offer an authentic studio-worthy tone. Their feature set also hits the perfect spot between flexibility and maximum ease of use. The three Ampknob BDH plugins can be purchased individually, or through the "get three, pay for two" Ampknob BDH Bundle.

Three Incarnations of an Era-Defining Amp
The Ampknob BDH plugins are based on three versions of an iconic guitar amplifier, which, according to Guitar Player magazine, "defined a generation of guitar tone." The three plugins are:

The Ampknob BDH 5169 is based on the original block letter amp head, which came out in 1992. Its aggressive and punchy high-gain tone quickly made it a hit among heavy metal and metalcore bands from the mid-90s and onwards. It is the amp to beat for other high-gain guitar amp manufacturers.

The devilishly heavy Ampknob BDH 66o6+ is based on a hot-rodded and heavily modified "plus" version, which was originally a later generation of the amp from around 2000. The modifications make the amp particularly suited to low-tuned guitars and energetic riffing, and it's truly one of a kind -- a sound you will not find anywhere else.

The Ampknob BDH III is a model of an amp that was the last version to come out before the original artist's untimely passing. The original unit that we modeled is from Jens Bogren's personal amp collection and a part of many albums created at Fascination Street Studios. This is the most modern sounding of the bunch, with a very even distortion that makes it great for lead guitars.

Standalone Version With Added Features
The Ampknob BDH plugins can be used with any DAW, but they also come with standalone versions included in the installer. These give users an even quicker way to start up their amp sims whenever inspiration strikes. The standalone versions also include a metronome and a recording feature to facilitate practicing and quickly capturing any ideas without having to launch the DAW.

Pricing and Availability:
The Ampknob BDH plugins are available immediately at an introductory pricing. The Ampknob BDH Bundle is $79.99 (regular price: $99.99) and the individual Ampknob BDH plugins are $39.99 each (regular price: $49.99).

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