Album-Ready Bass Amplifier Tones

US Bogren Digital launches the BassKnob STD one-knob solution      30/08/22

Following on from their AmpKnob RevC guitar amp simulation plug-in, Bogren Digital has announced the launch of the BassKnob STD. They say that, designed to provide users album-ready bass amplifier tones without hassle and option anxiety, the BassKnob STD is a plug-in with a deliberately simplistic feature set -- but with a lot going on under the hood. They tell us that BassKnob STD is built upon cutting-edge digital technology and has been meticulously sound-designed by world-renowned metal producer Jens Bogren. Here's more details direct from the company...

The Fast Track to Album-Ready Bass Guitars
The BassKnob STD provides rock and metal producers the straightest path possible from musical ideas to an album-ready bass guitar recording. The plug-in's feature set is minimal, but well-chosen:

  • Two channels, Clean and Dirty
  • A Gain knob, setting the overall gain level
  • On/Off switch for the included cabinet emulation, should the user want to use a different cabinet IR
  • Built-in tuner


This means the user can simply connect their bass guitar, launch the plug-in, and start recording with a rock bass sound that just sounds right. No more hours lost to tweaking or option anxiety -- the BassKnob STD handles the sound, allowing the user to focus on the song and the performance.

The Bass Amp
The plug-in is based on Jens Bogren's personal specimen of a well-known American tube bass amp head, which delivers its thunderous sound through a classic 8x10 cabinet. The rig is captured with a selection of ultra-quality microphones, preamps, and studio processors. All of Jens' 20+ years of recording experience has been poured into the BassKnob STD, using the exact same tools he uses for high-level clients such as Sepultura, Kreator, and Opeth.

BassKnob STD is compatible with any major DAW. It is available immediately, and a free 14-day trial is available.

BassKnob STD Summary

  • Bass amplifier emulation plug-in
  • Sound-designed by world-renowned rock and metal producer Jens Bogren
  • Easy to use, impossible to make it sound bad
  • Available in VST, AU, and AAX formats on Windows and Mac


About Bogren Digital
Bogren Digital is a manufacturer of digital recording tools geared for rock and metal productions -- such as guitar cabinet impulse response packs, drum sample packs, and plug-ins. The company was founded by world-renowned metal producer Jens Bogren, whose extensive client list includes Sepultura, Opeth, Kreator, and many, many others. Bogren Digital started in 2020 and operates out of Jens Bogren's studio Fascination Street in Örebro, Sweden.

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory offer: $39.99. Normal price: $49.99

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