Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor

US The world's first dual-stage vocal compressor plug-in with machine learning      01/03/23

Antares Audio Technologies has announced the release of Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor which they describe as the world's first dual-stage vocal compressor plug-in with machine learning.

Steve Berkley, CEO of Antares Audio Technologies, told us, "We're very excited to release Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor, delivering another essential tool for today's most successful professionals and tomorrow's most promising creators. By combining the only dual-stage vocal compressor plug-in in the world with the power of advanced machine learning, we've created a must-have tool for anyone working with vocals, whether you're experienced or a beginner."

Here's the details direct from the company...

Auto-Tune Compressor supports the stacking of two fully featured and tweakable compressors from four of the most popular styles (FET, Opto A, Opto B, and Modern) in a series to create the modern vocal sounds of today's music.

Using advanced machine learning technology, Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor analyzes a track and recommends the optimum starting point and compression levels to quickly get the sound you want. Finding the best compression settings is now faster and easier than ever.

Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor also comes with compelling artist presets covering a wide range of vocal styles and moods to help jumpstart your creativity and make it easy to experiment with new ideas. For added personality, lean into the built-in Warm feature and apply the cozy vibe of tube saturation and harmonics to vocals across one or both compressors.


  • Single- and Dual-Stage Modes
  • Four Popular Compression Styles
  • Machine Learning For Rapid Results
  • Flexible Side-Chaining With Modern Style
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Compatible With All Major DAWs


Pricing and Availability:

Free for Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers at $24.99/mo or $174.99/year (equivalent to $14.58/mo if paid annually).

A Free 14-day trial to Auto-Tune Unlimited is available to everyone, regardless of previous trials or subscriptions.

Perpetual license: $179.00 - Includes one free year of Auto-Tune Unlimited.

More information:


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